Fitness & Wellness Professional since 1981

Everybody and every body is different & unique and my approach to empowering my clients reflects that undeniable fact.

Wellness is my passion

Hi I’m Jacqueline Leduc, I’m a Certified Reflexology Therapists, Wellness Coach & Personal Trainer whose company provides premier reflexology treatments & mind-body coaching.

I am a fierce nurturer of women and believe that the body speaks in volumes. I am passionate about our mind-body connection and specialize in erasing physical & emotional pain, improving strength, mobility & resilience, as well as addressing health issues such as pelvic floor challenges.

I take a holistic, integrative approach when helping my clients, skipping over the fads and gimmicks that have plagued the industry. I use my vast education and 40+ years of experience to inspire, guide and empower you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally so that you can make wise decisions about your health, fitness, wellness as well as your mind-body needs & goals.

I will support you and your body’s efforts to function optimally. You will sleep better, improve your energy, feel healthy, confident, resilient, and ready to thrive unrestricted now and in the next phase of your life.

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My Credentials

My professional experience as a movement and wellness educator progressed through the years beginning with coaching various sports and teaching thousands of fitness, yoga, mobility, exercise classes of all types and coaching a multitude of clients on a one-to-one basis. I regularly host workshops and retreats touching upon topics related to healthy lifestyle, mind-body connection, goal and intention setting, body positivity, pelvic floor health, and so much more.

I was the Physical Education Director at YMCAs in Montreal and Halifax. I then enjoyed being a grade school teacher for well over 6 years before returning to being a Fitness Director at the Ottawa Athletic Club. I was later recruited to take on the challenge of being the Regional Director for the Orleans YMCA-YWCA leading the management team during the time of expansion and renovations. I was then honored to be selected and hired as the Fitness Portfolio Specialist for the City of Ottawa where I received a peer recognition award for outstanding Leadership skills.  I was especially proud of developing high caliber, yearly fitness professional continuing education conferences, recognized by all the top national certifying bodies. I chose to leave my municipal job, with all the benefits and security in 2014, to follow my passion of creating my own business centered around empowering people.

Graduate Studies Exercise Physiology - McGill U

B.Ed. Majoring in Physical Education, Specializing in Fitness - Mc Gill U

Diploma in Social Studies – Champlain College

Certified Reflexology Therapist - Reflexology Association of Canada

TraumaPractik® practitioner: Anatomy of Trauma

Strategic Intervention Training – Tony Robins & Chloe Madames- RMT

Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer Specialist – Canadian Fitness Professional

Yoga & Yoga Tune Up® Teacher

Hypopressives Low Pressure Training Level 2

Level II Reiki Energy Work practitioner

Certificates of course completion in Non-internal Introductory Pelvic Health & Pelvic Floor dysfunction

I saw Jackie over a period of 5 weeks for reflexology treatments. During that time, my blood pressure systolic average dropped 10 points to the mid 120’s and I even got some readings below 120. My doctor was very pleased.
Cheryl Y

I must say that Jackie is the real deal: warm, encouraging, professional, and very down to earth. I always feel good after a class or a conversation with her. She is not an “evangelical” fitness guru pushing the latest fad. Rather, she is all about healthy living, mental and physical balance, and making lasting changes. Jackie is very much about empowerment, optimism, and giving you tools to help you move forward in the direction you want to head towards. I’m very glad to have found her and have stuck with her ever since
Karen J

Jackie, I have to tell you that last week was the 1st time in forever that I had a 7 panty week! I usually go through 35 to 40 panties per week because of incontinence! I don’t have to bring a change of clothes to work anymore!
Pelvic Floor Program participant

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