There are unlimited moments that we can identify as ‘‘new beginnings’’, such as a new day, month, year or, as we are fast approaching, a new decade. I will go even deeper to state that we can bring those increments down to the simplest form such as each time that you take a breath you are experiencing a new beginning.

I clearly remember listening to someone on stage, at a business conference more than 20 years ago, talking about how new beginnings can happen at ANY point in time. He threw a rock up in the air, watched it fall to the ground and then made the statement: ‘‘As of the instant that the rock hit the ground this is how I will live/experience my life’’. He then went on to say that we can toss that rock up in the air as many times as we need in our lifetime… or per day! His story was heart-wrenching, filled with incredibly traumatic events. Stories that would make even those who are the most incredible ‘’over-comers’’ drop to their knees. Without the shadow of a doubt his presentation, that moment, was life-changing for me.

We can decide to start over, shift or modify our lives or attitudes towards what we are experiencing, at any point in time or as many times as we deem necessary to live our lives as we want to, to experience joy, fulfillment, a sense of accomplishment, health and all that we wish to experience in our lifetime.

Before we all get wrapped up in the global energy of celebrating a year and a new decade. Before we stat making those New Years Resolutions that are always so potentially exciting. How about we start with looking back at your last year (and go for it… the last decade) to celebrate what you experienced and accomplished.

I have proposed this exercise each year for the last 3 years and believe that it is therapeutic! We often get wrapped up with what went wrong and how crappy we may have felt due to all kinds of reasons. We all have experienced road blocks or really trying times in the last year and likely in the last decade. I am going to challenge you to go back month by month for 2019 to look back at what you experienced and did so that you can remind yourself of some of the great moments that may stand on their own or are accompanied by tough times. Going back 10 years may be quite amazing as well. Looking to your past is a great way to help you in how you will spring forward for your future. Do this exercise with a sense of gratitude and watch your attitude and life force shift in a beautiful way. One that will allow you the open mind to set the stage for the year to come.

I am going to encourage you to read the blogs that I wrote about celebrating our successes. It will hopefully inspire and guide you to try the suggested exercise.

Celebrate what you did in 2018 rather than criticize what you did not do. 

The importance of acknowledging and celebrating our successes

Go ahead, do the exercise! If you want to share, the moments that made you smile or the moments that were challenging but you got through them, please do so. I would love to hear from you.

Take the month of December to do the above exercise so that you can prepare well for the upcoming year, then join me fo my annual Goal & Intention Setting Retreat on January 11th (01-11-2020). The experience will be filled with great life-changing moments.