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1430 Royal Maple Drive, Cumberland Ontario



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“I was new to Yoga when I joined the Cumberland Yoga & Mobility Studio back in April 2107. Right away I knew I had found my place with Jackie as my Yoga instructor. The peaceful setting out in Cumberland and the small class size just adds to the experience.”


“I must say that Jackie is the real deal: warm, encouraging, professional, and very down to earth. I always feel good after a class or a conversation with her. She is not an “evangelical” fitness guru pushing the latest fad. Rather, she is all about healthy living, mental and physical balance, and making lasting changes. Jackie is very much about empowerment, optimism, and giving you tools to help you move forward in the direction you want to head towards. I’m very glad to have found her, and have stuck with her ever since.”


“Jackie is one of those teachers you want to be like when you grow up. With authenticity of her presence paired with depth of her knowledge she takes you where you did not know you could go, to the whole new level of experience.”



All prices include HST

Drop in fee for a class: $16.95

10 Class Pass*: $125.00

20 Class Pass*: $227.00


30 day unlimited: $90.00


90 day unlimited: $240.00

Prices in effect until December 31st 2020
*Contact me if you would like to share your 10 or 20 pass with a family member or friend.

Reservations are required to attend.

Please select a pass then register minimum 1 hour prior to the start time. If, for some reason, you need to cancel your reservation, you need to do so minimum 2 hours prior to the start time. You can cancel online using the link provided on the email confirmation or text/call me with the request to cancel. If you do not cancel in time I will have to charge you the use of the pass.

Don’t be intimidated by any of the classes that are on the schedule. I offer enough options, modifications and instruction for everybody and every body to enjoy.

Feel free to call me to ask questions that would put your mind at ease about what the best options are for you: 613-816-7549

All classes will be in a safe and inclusive setting with maximum:

– 8 participants for Mobility classes
– 8 for Hatha Yoga practices
– 10 for Yin Yoga, Workshops & Retreats

Class Descriptions


Do you want to be able to move with less aches and pain or more effectively? Are you interested in improving your strength and mobility?

The Mobility Tune-Up classes have a therapeutic flare that will include a combination of Yoga Tune-Up®, self-massage with therapeutic balls, posture work, mobility as well as body weight, core & proper movement patterning for a well-balanced movement session.


Once your body is tuned-up and you are ready to workout this is the option for you. This class will include movement patterns that will help improve overall strength, range of motion/flexibility, agility as well as begin to tap into your cardiovascular system. 

The class format may include individual exercise stations and bootcamp style fun. This workout may be held outdoors when the weather permits. Make sure you bring outdoor active wear and shoes just in case!


A fluid, all -level yoga class that will include breath work, mindfulness and sound asana/movement patterns & principles.


You have heard of Yin-Yang;  the balance between light and dark, masculine and feminine… 
When practicing a Hatha or Power Yoga class we tap into our Yang or strong/masculine energy.  During a Yin Yoga class we seek to call upon our softer more feminine energy. This allows us to slow down and enjoy a restorative practice.  There will be no warrior poses, no Down Dogs and no demanding balances. An introspective gentle/YIN/restorative yoga practice focuses on truly existing in our bodies while in simple, kind to the body poses for a 2 to 5 minute period for each of the poses giving you time to relax, release and restore. 
This is a fabulous practice to for those who want to improve flexibility/mobility as well as restore and de-stress the body and mind. 


We will progressively learn and practice movement patterns and postures that are potentially more physically challenging than what has been learned to date in the Hatha yoga classes.

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