Movement Coaching is a process that helps you learn to improve your posture and the quality of your physical functioning based on your challenges, needs and goals.

I will show you, in very simple and practical manners, how you can make specific targeted changes or learn safe, effective movement patters that will improve the way in which your entire body functions. Often, once we discover the dominant muscle imbalances or poor muscle recruitment, we can re-pattern and re-balance in order to eliminate pain and restrictions.

The sessions will include, when appropriate:

Postural and mobility assessment, corrective movement education, functional movement, self-massage techniques, range of motion improvement techniques.

When appropriate, I will work with the recommendations from your massage therapist, osteopath, physiotherapist, or physician, to ensure seamless improvements in your physical abilities.

Movement/mobility Coaching is not a substitute for medical care. It is not a “cure” for conditions such as back pain, repetitive strain injury and the like, but it does address posture and movement patterns that may contribute to these conditions. The results of the training sessions will depend on your current movement patterning, health etc. as well as how dedicated you are to improving your physical fitness.



Select a day and time that works for you and let’s get you moving well, without restriction so that you can do what you love to do, with who you love to do it with, as often as you want to do it! 

GoRendezvous appointment scheduler. (Same place as where you book your Reflexology treatments or Yoga classes! 

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