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Introduction to Meditation

Discover the power of the pause


Are you struggling with disrupted sleep, fatigue, depression or anxiety, cloudy thinking, lack of focus, racing thoughts, aches and pains and possibly disease?

Constant noise and busyness in your body and mind has a negative effect on the quality of your health and wellbeing.

Take music as an example. It is the pause between notes that creates the magic of the melody. If there were no pauses there would only be chaotic noise.

When it comes to your mind and body, it is during the pause between effort and thought that a healing environment is created and the magic of relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation is experienced.

Meditation is one of the best methods to tame the noise. It helps to self regulate your nervous system, reduce inflammation and boost your immune system activating your own intrinsic healing mechanism. You can tame anxiety, negative emotions, poor decision making as well as chronic pain, eating disorders, addictions and chronic fatigue. 

A regular meditation practice will help you feel more content, healthy, peaceful and able to deal with the pace of the crazy world out there.

Join me for 10 weeks of introduction to meditation

I will gently guide you through a variety of techniques that will help you get the most out of your meditation experience and set the pace and tone for your own personal, lifelong, life-altering practice.

This course is valued at over $70.00  Own this program for the incredibly low price of $45.00 including HST

This is an online course. You have access to all 10 videos 24/7 for an unlimited time frame. Feel free to focus on one video per week or per day. You will learn a different meditation technique or strategy to help you develop your practice. The results of the 10 week program are invaluable!

Once you complete this 10 session program you are more than welcome to join into the live/virtual meditation sessions that I offer on an ongoing basis. Click here to find the schedule of live & virtual classes


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