Far too often we worry about what people will think of us or what we do. I am no different than anyone else. I would love it if everyone liked me; what I say, what I do, how I look, how I do things etc.

Reality is that not everyone will!

I got to experience this life lesson over the 2 days while I was an exhibitor at the Live The Smart Way Expo this weekend. Even though the wellness expo attracted like-minded people, it did not guarantee that those people would like any of what the vendors were offering as information, products or services.

To many people who attended the event, I may have seemed to be offering the most odd, or out of place product. To others, what I had to offer was the best thing ever.

I would like to share what I saw, heard and experienced during the expo. I actually wish I would have had hidden cameras to record all the various reactions to what was displayed in my booth.

In the sharing of these reactions I want you to put yourself in situations that you face on a daily basis where you interact with people. Hopefully these takes on the reactions will touch a cord for you and you will understand the importance of detaching yourself from the reactions of others.

Here is the summary of the span of reactions that I got when they reached my booth. Just to paint the picture a little clearer, I was between and in front of booths promoting incredibly yummy food. My booth focused on the health of women’s pelvic floor and vagina. YES… I had the vSculpt on display, font and center on the booth’s table. I also had videos playing with a gynecologist and sexologist talking freely about everything from healing incontinence to having great sex.


OMG what the … Is that what I think it is? Ignore….Ignore….Ignore…. Just keep walking by fast and this lady will not have a chance to talk to me!!


 OMG… really?… hihihihihi…. Do you see that?… hihihihihi….

That is funny… same reaction that a teenager has when they first hear about sex. BUT many who reacted like this were adults.

 OMG…. Are you kidding me? What the bleep is something like this doing in a wellness show?

How horrible! How gross!! I have to tell whoever is in charge here that this is TOTALLY inappropriate!






OMG… how can you have that here? This is not something you even talk about with your friends or doctor let alone with a stranger and especially not in public.

Yes… I have incontinence and don’t enjoy sex because it hurts but…. Shhhhhh…. We don’t talk about those things…..








Can you do a demo?

Pause……………I explain that my daughters begged me (jokingly) not to do demos and that legally I was pretty sure that was not OK. Pause…….. Woman’s reaction: She is mortified! ‘’ I thought it was to increase the collagen to tighten the skin on my face” !!!






What is this?

Are you telling me that I can get rid of the pads and adult diapers I wear? Do you know how embarrassing and horrible it is to

pee yourself? I can’t laugh, cough or sneeze! I can’t exercise or jump without it being an issue!

How much is it? $$$. What? Woa! Ouch! I can’t spend that much….Give me a chance to do some research on what this is and what it claims. I need more time to think about it.


Please tell me more!

I am desperately seeking help on this and no one has been able to help me. My doctor just tells me to do Keegles or have surgery.

I have to buy this right now. You have no idea how my life will change if the results are what the research claims it will be! Thank you sooooooo much! You are my new BFF!


Everyone’s reaction is based on where they are in their journey. Love them for where they are and don’t give anyone permission to affect you negatively.

Know that you are awesome and that those who will thrive because of who you are, will. Don’t worry about the rest of them.

Be well inside and out!