I just came back from attending a mobility and fascia summit in Germany this weekend. Yes, I only went to Germany for the 3 day event. I know…. I am a total mobility-fitness-body-health-exercise-movement information geek. I have been in the fitness industry since the early 80’s and I have been moving and very active since I was born.  I just live and breathe this stuff.

Even though I am still buzzing about the entire event this post is more about the fact that when we believe something is really worthwhile we can always find a way to make it happen.

Here I am, one evening, scrolling through Facebook messages on a closed group link reserved for those who are Yoga Tune Up® certified. The creator of the method, Jill Miller announces that she is one of the impressive list of professional speakers at the Mobility and Fascia summit in Germany. Within moments comments such as ‘’I would kill to be at the summit’’ ‘’If I won the million I would so be there’’, etc. I totally agreed. I then see the next post that Jill wrote. It went something like this: OMG. I will need help, there will be over 200 people for each of my sessions. I immediately get that urge to check out flights from Ottawa to Cologne. I was looking at well over $1200.00 OUCH! Then she posts that she can get anyone who assists her tickets to the conference for free (over 500.00 value). My heart leaped out of my body. I nervously sent Jill private message. Just to put this in perspective, Jill does not know me from a hole in the wall and there are many people who have taken more of her training modules than me. I have been teaching Yoga Tune Up® several times a week for the last 2 years but… she still does not know me. Her reply to my message asking if she would take a chance on me being one of the assistants was YES!

OK people… I am flat out beyond excited and buzzing with excitement then, all the excuses or what most people would call ‘’the reality of what this could entail’’  started to flow out of my mouth when chatting with my family about the feasibility of me doing this.

In comes my lovely almost 22 year old daughter who pipes up in total disgust. She blurts out to me:

OMG mom… do I sound like that? Do I sound so negative and annoying when I come up with stupid excuses? Why are you even hesitating? Jill said yes… JUST GO! You tell me to go for it and do things I love. What is your problem? Yikes…. Her serious disgust stopped me instantaneously in my tracks! SLAP, SLAP….OUCH! And thank you.

I guess that all the loving words of encouragement and coaching through the years made it passed her ears!!

I booked a relatively inexpensive flight using my aeroplan points, I booked a tiny little hostel 400 meters away from the venue and went on the crazy long and semi stressful/challenging plane, train and bus ride to be with over 600 people that I have never met before. TOTALLY WORTH IT! I made new friends and every guest speaker gave me more than I expected. They nailed it and gave me actual workable strategies and tools to add to my growing portfolio.

BEST part, of course, was the chance in a life time to experience helping the best of the best during her presentations. There is incredible value in observing someone prepare in the back room then surf challenging situations such as a venue that was not the best set-up for what she had prepared. I did not hesitate to raise my hand when she asked who would come on stage to demonstrate the methods with her from angles she could not while presenting. I loved every moment and took pictures for her from the stage and HELL YES I took a selfie of me on stage with Jill while hundreds of people enjoyed her presentation.

Don’t hesitate my friends! When something that makes your heart sing comes along…

DON’T let the little voice in your head that is stupidly hesitant and negative ruin it for you.

Go for it and be a force of awesome!