Here is a fun 60 second preview of what you can do to keep your feet healthy and mobile. I will be speaking to this topic on the TV show Nat en Parle on Rogers Cable 23 tomorrow evening between 8 and 9pm ( May 22nd). You can watch it live or check it out on Facebook.

Here are the highlights of what may be discussed ( if we stay on topic LOL):


I actually find it funny that there is a technical term for walking around barefoot and getting your feet dirty. But, yes… there is a term for it!! 
I just know, that since childhood, I thoroughly enjoy being barefoot and playing in the dirt or sand. I look forward to it every year. I get out there and enjoy the feel of grass under and through my toes. I love the challenge of getting my feet used to walking on gravel and eventually not going ouch, ouch ,ouch, ouch ouch ouch, ouch as I step.
According to research there are some actual benefits to this ”earthing” fun:

  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Reduced inflammation and chronic pain
  • Regulation of hormones such as cortisol for stress reduction
  • Restored balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • Improved energy and overall sense of well-being

Improve your foot mobility

Take time to get your feet moving well. You can start by doing the barefoot thing more often but also do that on varied terrains. 
I am barefoot most of the day but my feet experience the flat surface of hardwood floors more than they should. It is important for you and I to step, barefoot or as close to barefoot as possible, on softer surfaces, bumpy surfaces, textured surfaces etc. so that our feet stay alert, supple and strong in various planes of motion.
Other ways to keep your feet mobile would be to:

  • Roll your feet with a relatively soft ball
  • Massage your toes and pull them different directions
  • Flex your toes often ( those who are unable to draw their big toe towards their shin usually end up with knee pain) 
  • Practice moving your toes on command just like you would move your fingers. Tough at first but I am sure that you have seen those who can use their toes to eat, write and any other daily task)

So… kick off your shoes, wear tick, flee and mosquito repellent essential oils, get a pedicure and enjoy earthing and moving your feet/toes!