I’m here for you!

I have no doubt that you automatically thought that I was letting you know that I am here for you, well… because I am, but… that is not how I would like you to read that short statement.

I took a yoga class yesterday that was led by one of my favorite mentors; Jill Miller, the creator of Yoga Tune Up® and the Roll Model®. She always starts her practices off by asking us to focus on our “Sankalpa” which consists of a simple empowering statement. She suggested that we repeat the statement “I am here for you… insert your own name” So in my case I automatically almost robotically said out loud “I’m here for you Jackie”

Immediately after saying those words I just continued the practice and didn’t really get why she was so passionate about that statement UNTIL I said it to myself in my mother tongue: “J’suis là pour toi Jacqueline” Well… the intensity of the rush of emotions took my breath away and the physical reaction to the meaning and power of speaking those words out loud, in French was beautifully intense and beyond anything I had ever felt before during a yoga practice. The tears of joy were welcomed like a long lost friend.

So… I guess that I finally got it!

I too have asked participants to set their intention or sankalpa at the start of a practice and repeat it along the way. I know that, even though it would usually fall a little flat for me, people do reap amazing benefits from doing so. And, I know that some of you, just like I used to, may go through the motions because “they say” that there is a benefit to repeating those empowering statements.

If you are practicing in English but your mother tongue is French, Spanish, German or any other language I highly recommend that you repeat your mantras, intentions or sankalpas in your mother tongue to see if that makes a massive difference.

If you are not bilingual and have still not experienced the power of this practice, I highly recommend that we find the words that will make your heart and soul sing. The effects are loving, healing and beyond amazing.

Be safe and healthy and know that I AM here for you.