I just don’t wanna!

Oh, how we’ve all been there! We just don’t have the energy or feel like doing exercise, or anything else for that matter!

I can totally relate. YES…. ME! I can totally relate to wanting to curl up on a couch or the floor and do absolutely nothing!

As a fitness geek/coach/trainer/teacher over the last 40 years I have spent a lot of my time encouraging people to just get their poop in a group and get to the gym or do some form of workout because the energizing effects and the health benefits are so worth it! Getting into an exercise routine and not letting things like “not feeling like working out” get in the way is where it’s at RIGHT?

Well….. Not necessarily!

Now that I am more seasoned and somewhat wiser I know that not feeling like doing a workout or finding exercise more daunting that usual can be a sing of over training or a sign that your hormones, especially your cortisol, can be depleted and that you NEED TO replenish, restore, rest and get those hormones back to a stable level!

Exercising when you are depleted is only going to make things worse and lead you down a very unhealthy path.

If you have been taking my classes in the last week or so you know that my hormones have crashed and I feel like I ran a marathon when all I did was think of what I would do in our workout classes.

Two weeks ago I started to not really feel like exercising and I just pulled up my bootstraps and worked out to get in shape and get more energy.

YUP… Great strategy at 1st! I just figured it was my human, “not feeling inspired” side that was taking over. Fair assumption!


I backed off fairly quickly and got my hormones tested and voilà! I found out that I was in physiological burnout. EXHAUSTING but a relatively easy fix: Get better dosages of hormones, cortisol boosting supplements and a ton of de-stressing and rest. I will be back to a healthy level of being able to benefit from exercise when we get my body properly tuned-up physiologically.

Why am I telling you my story? Well, because I know that many of you are exhausted and find exercising too much lately. I am going to encourage you to pull your bootstraps up if it purely a motivation thing. I will also urge you to get a fabulous naturopath or functional medicine doctor who can test your hormone levels to see how hormone replacement therapy could make all the difference in your life! There is a ton of new research to show that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is not the evil cancer causing thing that it once was thought to be.

Connect with me if you want to continue the discussion about how you can reclaim your energy and get back to enjoying life to the fullest!

Take great care of yourself and come join in the relaxing fun of the outdoor bonfire yoga on Saturday mornings at 9am! Whether you feel energized or burned out you will benefit from this great gathering!