Congratulations on making the decision to learn about your pelvic floor and how you can regain control over your body so that you can live your life to the fullest without pain, constraints or embarrassment.

This program will allow you to have rich conversations about a topic that is just starting to surface as a reality for over 40% of women in North America. We will take the time to dive into how mindset, lifestyle habits, functional movement, corrective exercise, therapeutic self-massage, proper core bracing as well as breathing techniques can help you get your pelvic floor, your body and life back on track.

My transformational program has a strong educational component to help you understand why you may be struggling with incontinence and or pain. Even more importantly, you will understand why you will be encouraged to implement some of the suggested tips, strategies, lifestyle modifications, mind-set shifts, exercises, and massages.

This is NOT a quick fix, give me a magic pill kind of program that gives temporary relief. This IS a life changing program that will empower you to track down the source of the problem, learn how to take care of it and get rid of it…. for good.

I look forward to your stories of laughter without peeing yourself, long walks without scouting out where all the bathrooms are, great pain free sex, no more back pain, no more elusive pain that is happening in your body that is linked to pelvic floor dysfunction.


Included in the Pelvic Floor Tune-up Program

  • Health Screening and Bladder Diary
  • An assessment and strategizing session. In person or via Zoom
  • A personalized plan of action
  • Access to the Pelvic Floor Tune-up video library (over 45 videos)
  • 2 hours of coaching in person or via Zoom


The regular price of the Pelvic Floor Tune-Up Masterplan is $997.00 CAD plus taxes


The program is currently offered at $497.00 CAD plus taxes

Before we meet for our first session, the assessment and strategizing session, I will need you to complete the following health screening questionnaires as well as the 3 day bladder diary.


Pelvic Floor Health Questionnaire

Bladder Diary

A bladder diary can provide valuable information to better understand the problem and help monitor the effects of this transformational program.

The bladder diary is a simple chart which allows you to

  • record the fluid you drink and the urine you pass during the day and night
  • document if you have urgency ( Intense need to void)
  • document if you have accidental urine leakages. 

You will need a measuring cup to measure the urine you pass. This should be measured (calibrated) in milliliters (mls) and should hold at least 500mls.You should also measure your drinks.

How to fill in the bladder diary


Every time you have a drink, record the time, the type of drink (for example tea, coffee, etc.) and how much (in mls).


Each time you pass urine, urinate into your cup so you can measure the amount in mls. Record the time, as well as a rating of how urgently you needed to urinate using the following scale:

  • 0 = No urgency
  • 1 = You felt an urgency to urinate, but you could easily tolerate it
  • 2 = You needed to urinate so urgently it interfered with your ability to carry out everyday activities
  • 3 = You needed to urinate very urgently, which caused you discomfort and abruptly stopped you from doing an everyday activity


If you had an accidental urine leak before you could get to the toilet, or during an activity and/or after a cough, sneeze, laugh etc please indicate it on the chart


Please indicate where you are when you drink, void or have any incidences with regards to continence. Put as much detail as you feel will explain what was going on at the time, especially for voiding and moments of incontinence.

Here is an example of a one day bladder diary

Please complete a daily bladder diary for 3 days. They do not have to be consecutive. If your schedule is constant during the week and changes quite a bit on the weekend please do 2 week days and one day of the weekend.

Download and print the following blank Bladder Diaries to complete the 3 day record. You can scan and send me the results or simply bring them to me for our 1st session


bladder diary – blank


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