Do as I say…and do!

I once had someone ask me point blank if I actually practiced what I preach.  I am certainly not perfect but I generally incorporate all the healthy tips that I endorse or preach.

Today is one of those days when I can actually say that I had to coach myself out of a funk. I have not slept well in many days. Perhaps because we are days away from taking possession of the house that we will turn into our home and space of business and we have not yet sold the house we are currently living in. Perhaps it is because of poor food choices I made in the last few days ( ICE CREAM!!!) Whatever the reason or combined reasons I had a rather poor start to my day and I caught myself doing mindless ‘’busy’’ stuff that really was not going to rev me up and shake off the funk.

My suggestion to people who are feeling blue, depressed or low energy usually ranges between a) take a restorative nap to re-charge your batteries, especially when there is a physical need for it, or b) get active and get outside. Well, the idea of going out and being physical really did not appeal to me so I put my big girl cycling shorts on and left the house, telling my daughter how I really needed to practice what I preach and get moving. My ride was hot and very modest compared to what I can usually do. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that I did not let the funk win.

Now, it is time for a short, restorative nap….. then I can tackle all my responsibilities with greater clarity and energy.