Module 6 – What next?

Time to wrap up this program!

How to stay in touch

Congratulations on completing this program!

I look forward to hearing your success stories!

Please send me feedback and testimonials if you feel called to do so. I intend to keep improving the content and the delivery of the information. Your input will help me to do that.

As mentioned throughout the program, I am available for one-to-one consultations to help you with your specific needs for pelvic health as well as your quest for health and fitness.

Facebook Group

I would also like to stay in touch through the Private Facebook group specifically created for individuals just like you who are or have participated in my pelvic floor tune-up programs. You can sign-up for that group, free of charge, by following this link:

Pelvic Floor Tune-up with Jackie Leduc

I will be posting inspirational messages, tips, strategies, updates on research and information about women’s health and well-being. The focus will be on pelvic floor but will also include all aspects of women’s health and wellness. You will be able to ask questions, post about your successes etc. This will be a no sales pitch zone other than me letting you know about upcoming workshops, retreats or events that may be of value to you.

I wish you much ”dry” laughter, sneezes and leaps and especially I wish you great sex!

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