Module 1 – All the basics that will empower you

Introduction to program. A 10 part series that will set the stage for your success!


Misconceptions at a glance:

  1. Light bladder leakage is part of ageing
  2. Women who give birth vaginally will have issues with incontinence
  3. Only women who had babies have urinary leakage
  4. Women who are in shape have no issues with incontinence
  5. Adult diapers and specialty tampons are the solution
  6. There is nothing that you can do about urinary leakage other than surgery
  7. Kegels are the one-size-fits-all miracle cure

Make sure to watch the video to get the explanation as to why these statements don’t hold water!

Health screening quiz

Download the following questionnaire. You can print of off the document and mark your answers or simply follow the document and tally your yes and no answers on a scrap piece of paper.

jackie-leduc-wellness- pelvic-floor-tune-up-health-screening-quiz


PF dysfunctions

Summarized, non exhaustive list of Pelvic floor dysfunctions and body issues. Which came first … the chicken or the egg.



Interstitial cyctitis 






Perenial pain

Pudental neuralgia – nerve irritation




Piriformis syndrome


Symphysis pubis dysfunction

SI joint dysfunction

Pain sitting

Low back pain & chronic pelvic pain

          McMaster Study 2016

          100 women with LBP only:

          96% were determined to have PFD

          84% had tenderness upon palpation

          67% were found to have PF weakness ( hyper or hypo?)

          less than 33% had a prolapse

Hip pain – Groin pain – headaches/migraines – shoulder pain – jaw pain

Decreased libido

Chronic constipation

Irritable bowel disorder

Diastis Recti


Victoria's journey with Vaginismus
Anatomy 101

Summary of the pelvic floor muscles

anatomy 101


Anatomy 201

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy with Anik Lalonde
Osteopathy with Katharina Goetze

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