I have been listening to the Shamanism Global Summit; Practical Wisdom to Access Guidance, Healing & Power for sacred Livingand came across a wonderful guest speaker who grabbed my attention about half way through her talk.

Luisa Teish spoke of beautiful things such as the need to return to a love of mother earth and spirit. She talked about connecting with the divine in nature so that we could shut down the noise and go inward to reveal why we came to earth and get an understanding of what we were born to do in this lifetime.

We all have a purpose! Each and every one of us has a gift. We came here to be somebody, to have resources and do something; be it that we make soap, cook, or say kind words. Give your talent a level of respect that you would give to any other person’s talent. The ability to love, teach or tell stories (as Luisa does) is as important as being a ‘’rocket scientist’’. She asks us to get rid of the critic. What we have to contribute is valuable. We need to get in touch with it and value it.

We have all heard about the teaching in the book ‘’The Secret’’ where we can manifest, or co-create our life by focusing intently and positively on what we wish to manifest in our lives. I have always felt that there was something missing in that theory. Other great minds have suggested that we do not get what we focus on we attract what we are or what we vibrate.

Luisa suggests to formulate an invocation where we make a commitment to change without even knowing how it will happen. We only have to know that we want to be released. She teaches us to invoke consciously and say one or all of the following to the universe :

I now submit to the process that I have to go through to be released from my limiting beliefs.

I invoke for the circumstances that will cause me to let go of the limiting beliefs that are keeping me from my highest good. 

If there is a belief that I am holding that keeps me from manifesting my best spirit, I invoke for, and commit to having the experiences that will liberate me from this.

She emphasizes that we need to say it like we mean it then we are to open our eyes, step out of habits and be open to what presents itself. Even more importantly we need to pay attention to how we talk to ourselves. She warns us that we will absolutely come against our biases, fears, oppression and self-sabotage and that we are not to hex ourselves by repeating a self-defeating statement to continue to stay stuck.

We are encouraged to say the invocations over and over and see what happens. Stuff will happen to move us in the desired direction. One day instead of taking a left turn to go home we may have an impulse to turn right. Notice this different impulse and consciously move out of a habit and be open and choose to do something different. When you consciously act upon the new impulse you may very well encounter something or someone that challenges the limiting belief that you are seeking to release.

I have been coaching my students and clients to try this type of invocation consistently over a period of time that is appropriate for them. I am personally including these invocations in my daily life and love how I feel things shifting.

I look forward to hearing how this approach makes a difference in your life.