Relax, rejuvenate and be inspired to live your life fully.

Are you tired, embarrassed and frustrated about experiencing:

  • Urinary incontinence?
  • Leaking when you laugh or sneeze?
  • Discomfort or pain during sexual relations?
  • Organ prolapses?
  • Rectus Diastisis or a weak core?
  • Back, hip, leg pain or even migraines that you just can’t get relief from no matter how many massages you get?

Are you a new mom and need guidance on how to heal well and regain the proper functioning of your core and pelvic floor?

Do you want to regain control over your body so that you can live your life to the fullest without pain, constraints or embarrassment?


Have you, in the past,  been physically and emotionally drained, challenged or even to the point of feeling burnt out during the winter months?
You may be one of the many who suffer from Seasonal Affective Dissorder needlessly!
Lisa Rockliffe, owner of Rise Integrated Wellness, and I have teamed up together to offer you the right strategies to actively diminish the seasonal blues. We have created a day retreat that will empower you to be able to experience a winter season full of energy, vitality and perhaps a renewed love for the winter wonderland that we live in.
You deserve to take care of yourself and prepare well to live the winter season the the fullest!
Let us show you how to have energy, vitality and joy through proper nutrition, mind-set and mind-body connection exercises.
The day will be filled with interactive sessions for healthy eating and food preparation, easy body movements*, yoga, meditation, journaling and truly enlightening conversations.
*Come dressed for a lovely, brief walk in the fresh, country air!

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