Intense self care is more than just a luxury you treat yourself with once in a while. It is a must on a regular basis!

I can dare say that everybody wants to feel good, be at peace and have a happy and fulfilling life. I know that, you know that, but do we make the time to ensure that?

I hear it all the time; ‘’I should exercise, but…. ‘’ ‘’I should meditate, but…’’ ‘’That mind-body or self-care retreat sounds aaaaamazing BUT…. I don’t have the time. We are so engaged on that hamster wheel of being busy that we forget to press pause and use that oxygen mask that just appeared in front of us.

Don’t wait until you burn out to be forced into taking care of yourself. Ask anyone who has been through burnout and they will likely describe it as being hit by a bus. It hurts physically and emotionally and the recovery is brutal.

Making time, on a daily basis, for self-care is as important as making time to breathe; It is that important! It will not only help you with your physical, emotional and mental well-being but also your creativity and productivity. Making time for intense self-care such as a vacation, a get away or retreat in order to disconnect and shift out of the daily grind can have trans-formative effects, on your ability to feel grounded and present, allowing you to re-set and remind yourself of how you really want to experience life.

I LOVE providing a safe, fun and empowering environment where people can have meaningful wellness/self-care experiences. I have created aday retreat in the beautiful, peaceful country setting of Cumberland where we will focus on releasing more than the winter blues so that our best self can shine through.

I have asked mental health expert Heidi Piotrowski to spend a day with me and 10 other individuals so that she can teach us all about one of her favourite self-care strategies. Every time that she and I have conversations about the benefits of self-hypnosis Heidi’s eyes and entire being light up. It becomes incredibly obvious that she is passionate about the topic and her love of sharing the technique with others.

I am inviting you to breathe in a day that will feed you, that will restore your energy & creativity, that will release the grip of stress and will help you feel grounded and empowered. Come and experience the healing power of a restorative yoga practice (no experience needed at all!) the soothing effect of a mindful, guided meditation (Once again; no experience needed at all!) the comfort of having someone serve you a delicious, healthy, home-made meal and the chance to learn how to incorporate self-hypnosis, in your self-care tool box, by an expert in the field of mental health.

How can Self-Hypnosis make a difference in our life? Here are a few benefits:

  • It is a natural technique that can help you heal emotional wounds
  • Self-hypnosis can improve the quality of our sleep. (Oh…. I want that !!!)
  • Self hypnosis can help you to release any fears and self imposed limitations that have stopped you from living and prevented you from unleashing your true limitless potential and inner strengths
  • Self-hypnosis is one of the best ways to help you to reduce stress, anger and anxiety
  • It can help you with your self confidence and ability to think constructively
  • Quite similar to meditation it leads to highly enjoyable, deep relaxing experiences that bring about positive, profound and lasting changes.

I look forward to sharing this intense-self-care day with you.

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