Even though we are heading into winter mode I really loved taking advantage of this amazing 11 degree day today. I enjoyed a brisk walk that I decided to turn it into a short jog at the end. For those who don’t know it, I had a major operation just about 3 months ago. It was a total hysterectomy and repair of 2 prolapses; bladder and rectum. My return to physical activity has been delicate, mindful and very respectful of the intensity of the trauma that my body went through.

I have not been jogging in the last 10 years due to the lower abdominal pain that plagued me. So here I am testing the waters with jogging again. I did not randomly just start jogging. I have been preparing my body to be able to start jogging for a while now. One of the biggest mistakes that people make with jogging is that they identify it as a means to get in shape. BIG, BIG mistake! We need to get in shape to be able to jog. That way you don’t get injured so easily. My journey with jogging may be something that I will build up, or not, depending on how my body reacts to that form of training. One way or another, I am experiencing the really tough periods of really sucking at something and sucking wind really hard while doing it. The distance that I covered jogging today (500 meters) felt as hard as the distance that I walked the 1st day after my surgery (5 meters). The  beginnings of doing anything that we are not great at is humbling and can be very discouraging. I challenge each and everyone of you to try something new, be it physical, crafty, intellectual, or what not. Getting out of our comfort zone is healthy, allows us to grow in so many ways and keeps our mind sharp. 

Let me know what you try out in the near future!

Be move and feel well!

Please note that the feature image was found through Google. The original creator was rwdailyrunnersworld.com if I am not mistaken