Get the results that you seek

I love being able to share tips and tricks to help you shed aches, pains and movement limitations as well as build your mobility, improve your mind-body connection and of course help you get in the best shape that you can, so that YOU can live your life to the fullest without restrictions.

I love sharing those “secrets” to get better results faster. But while tips and strategies help us get the best results possible, they only really help if we actually IMPLEMENT them. No… let me rephrase that! They only work if we implement them CONSISTENTLY.

Now if you’re thinking… but I try and then life just always seems to get in the way! There isn’t enough time. This Covid stuff has me too frustrated and depressed. My schedule’s just crazy. I am exhausted and just can’t find the energy. Oh, and those zoom classes or coaching sessions? I am not sure that I will like those. Insert any excuse here! 

You know what? All of those excuses are valid. But guess what? There will never be a perfect time to start or a perfect uninterrupted life and state of being to exercise, eat well and be mindful or, more importantly: address nagging issues such as incontinence, aches or pains. Even when we do seemingly have the “ideal,” something will always pop up and try to derail us.

Life will always get in the way. Covid is complicating things. We can’t go back to the way we used to do things. In some ways, we need to reinvent how we chose to care for ourselves every day. That’s life. We can’t change that. We need to ride this weird, uncontrollable roller coaster and take care of ourselves really well.

Getting the results that you want A.K.A. feel healthy and good in your body, have the energy you want to enjoy your day not just drag through it, enjoy moving without aches and pains or restrictions.. Insert any state of being that feels good for you here. Those results come from the ultimate skill called  “stick-to-it-ness”

Results come to those who stick to it and push through the excuses. When you look at someone who is living the healthy life that you admire, understand that they are not perfect, they don’t have a perfect life, nor are they genetically blessed. They just stuck to a plan and made taking care of themselves and exercising a non-negotiable part of their life and lifestyle.

If we want results, we have to modify our lifestyle. We have to OWN our struggles and find ways to continue moving forward despite them.

So today? Don’t give up! Instead, decide to develop your “stick-to-it-ness” skills so that you will consistently move forward toward the results you’ve always wanted! 

Now, I am speaking to you in my “this is a non-negotiable, get’er done tone”. 🙂

Take your day planner out and block off time slots where nothing, short of a real emergency, ever interferes with you working towards hitting your health, fitness and wellbeing goals! The time slots don’t have to be at the same time each day. The amount of time that you dedicate can start as little as 5 minutes. Just START and then continue to CONSISTENTLY build your great habits and especially your “stick-to-it-ness” skill.

Life is so much sweeter when you feel fit, strong, energetic, ache and pain free, unrestricted and resilient! Let me know if you want help getting there faster, more effectively. Book an appointment here!