There is so much fun to be had when on the Rogers Cable TV show Nat en Parle with Natalie Kahale!
I was the last guest at approx minute 40 for 2 segments. I have to admit that each of the guests shared incredibly powerful messages. I don’t recall a more fun and powerful show. I was both an appreciative student and a teacher last night…. what an outstanding experience.
I highly recommend that you take a moment to watch the entire show. The sharing from each of the guests can inspire you to take great care of yourself especially now that we are fast approaching the very busy and potentially emotional holiday season.
The TV show is done in french. Hopefully you are bilingual so that you can enjoy all of the great conversations and information.

Un gros merci à Nathalie J. Arseneault Rachelle Proulx McMahon, Diane S. Merpaw et bien sûre (Nat) Natalie Kahale pour le beau partage.