This Masterclass was full of so much information in 4 short sessions. I am sure that even people that are not suffering from incontinence will pick up hints to avoid the habits and lifestyles that may bring it on in later life. The gifts with each session were valuable and have given me some tools to move forward towards a healthier pelvic floor. Thank you, Jackie, for your open, honest and respectful approach to this problem so many women are dealing with.

Freedom From Incontinence Masterclass Participant

It was helpful to have so many practical tips to put into practice right away. I learned many do’s and don’ts which could improve our Pelvic Floor. Knowing we are not alone, practical knowledge, learning about specialists who can help and knowing we can choose to make a difference for ourselves made these sessions a treasure for those who are challenged with incontinence. Many Thanks, Jackie

Freedom From Incontinence Masterclass Participant

This is a great program, very helpful with discussions on all aspects of incontinence. Jackie is very knowledgeable and approachable.

Freedom From Incontinence Masterclass Participant

I have known for awhile that my bladder issues are a whole lot mind/body linked… and controllable. Thanks for confirming. It’s great to now have resources to help.

Freedom From Incontinence Masterclass Participant

Jackie is one of those teachers you want to be like when you grow up. With authenticity of her presence paired with depth of her knowledge she takes you where you did not know you could go, to the whole new level of experience.


I was new to Yoga when I joined the Cumberland Yoga & Mobility Studio back in April 2107. Right away I knew I had found my place with Jackie as my Yoga instructor. The peaceful setting out in Cumberland and the small class size just adds to the experience.


I must say that Jackie is the real deal: warm, encouraging, professional, and very down to earth. I always feel good after a class or a conversation with her. She is not an “evangelical” fitness guru pushing the latest fad. Rather, she is all about healthy living, mental and physical balance, and making lasting changes. Jackie is very much about empowerment, optimism, and giving you tools to help you move forward in the direction you want to head towards. I’m very glad to have found her and have stuck with her ever since


She is great with understanding your needs and uses her experience and intuition to give you the best course of action possible!!!


Jackie has been an outstanding student of ours for some years now. In her own right, she is a practitioner that comprehends the value of acquiring a multidisciplinary approach an applies the mind/body/spirit concept with awesome talent. Her awareness of the necessity for maintaining a “free flowing” body is well founded in her understanding of anatomy. The many referrals from us always come back delighted and impressed especially with her knowledge and compassion.



Jackie, I have to tell you that last week was the 1st time in forever that I had a 7 panty week! I usually go through 35 to 40 panties per week because of incontinence! I don’t have to bring a change of clothes to work anymore!


OMG I can now have sex without it hurting!” When I start to feel pain again, I know that I need to re-focus on some of my lifestyle choices and release the tension inside by using that massage you taught me

Pelvic Floor Workshop participant Fall 2018

I can’t believe it but I actually did not get up to pee during the night for the last 3 nights! This is unbelievable.

Pelvic Floor Workshop participant 2019

I just wanted to tell you I’m going through your course right now and I can already say I’ve learned so much. I feel like this course was made exactly for me and all the issues I’ve been dealing with the past couple of years.


Your presentation was excellent. It gave me the right language to find more info. I think that because the pelvic floor info is so under the radar, that we don’t even know how to describe the issues. You’ve given me the language now!

Online Pelvic Floor Tune-up program participant Spring 2019

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