Don’t you just love that amazing feeling when you notice or experience that moment after you push past discomfort?

There is such a great sense of accomplishment, achievement and  feeling oh, so alive!

I have to remind myself of this every time that I choose to step into the arena. I don’t mean a physical arena with an ice surface. I mean the arena of life. Yup! I am going there. Let’s get philosophical for a moment LOL…. not really, but sort of. 

One of my current, huge discomforts is getting through physical workouts because I am nowhere as fit as I was prior to a bunch of surgeries and physical restrictions over the last 5 years. Let’s not beat around the bush: IT IS TOUGH TO WORKOUT!! It requires a whole lot of faith that the exhausting effort will be worth it. Having been a fitness geek all my life, I know from experience that the benefits outweigh the momentary discomforts. I still swear for the nasty first 12 to 15 minutes that my body takes to warm-up and I also have those screaming matches in my brain between the “Stop! this is so freaking hard team captain” and the “You got this, just keep going/breathing team captain” when I wisely and strategically do movement combinations that push me to that edge. It always feels amazing to overcome and do what I set out to do!

Notice that I said wisely and strategically? Those who know me, know that I emphasize developing that inner wisdom called embodiment. That ability to differentiate between “this is demanding and oh so uncomfortable” and “this hurts and I’m likely going to cross that line that leads to getting injured or deal with pain for too long”

I am pretty sure that we can agree that discomfort with effort or situations is relative. What one person finds easy may seem unattainable to another. And, like in my workout story, one thing may seem easy at one point in our development and then seem unattainable or overwhelming at another time in our life.

The thing is that we face discomfort on a regular basis, everyday of our life. I am going to encourage you to celebrate every possible moment that could be identified as a time where you overcome and move closer to your ultimate goal. 

Pushing past discomforts may include things like:

  • Getting out of bed in the morning when you feel overwhelmed and just don’t want to face the world
  • Being in stillness or silence in a yoga class when you are a type A personality or someone with ADHD
  • Having a conversation with someone special or someone that you dislike
  • Changing your habits when you step inside your home to not go to the bathroom as soon as you get in. (for those struggling with urge incontinence that is sooooooooo uncomfortable BUT oh, so worth it)
  • Switching from drinking juice or pop to drinking water
  • Attending Zoom virtual classes rather than your preferred, more familiar format of going to a studio
  • Writing a blog or an important document for work
  • etc…

Let’s all take some time, on a regular basis, to celebrate all the “things and stuff” (Like one of my daughters would say) that you do to take care of yourself; to improve your physical health, your mental health and well-being as well as your relationship with yourself and those who you choose to have in your life. Notice more than just the big wins. Celebrate the supposed small stuff as much as you can!

Have an amazing day celebrating all of the challenges and discomforts that you overcome!