The January Goal and Intention Setting Retreat was a special day for all involved.

As much as I would love to be able to I would never be able to explain everything that was experienced. You had to be there to feel the full effect of doing a mindful movement practice, chanting and guided meditations. You had to be there to enjoy the preciousness of sharing rich conversations and healthy food. You especially needed to be there to feel the power of the fire ceremony! 

Even though I cannot share the most powerful part of being there; the feelings, the emotions or aha moments, I will share some of the notes that were used to guide the participants to feel empowered to set goals and intentions from the right place, the right mind-set, for the right reasons and with the confidence that they can achieve them.

Enjoy the notes. They may inspire you to move forward with setting and achieving your goals!

I leave you with this:

Good things may come to those who wait but GREAT things come to those who get their butts in gear and get’r done!


Goal & intension setting RETREAT