Every year, for at least the last 4 years, I have encouraged you to join me in celebrating all of the great things, big and small, that you made happen or experienced in the past year. I actually hesitated, this year, to write this blog since 2020 has been a world-wide challenging year. Let’s not sugar coat it, 2020 is/was f#cked up and especially stressful! I know that many people lost their jobs, businesses, and even worse, their loved ones. Some of you got totally destroyed and experienced deep loss and grief. Some of you had to deal with more stressful situations than you ever wanted to experience and you likely wish that 2020 never happened. 

Even though 2020 is going to be remembered globally as a “beyond challenging” year, many of you can list other years that were much more life-altering or traumatic for you (Mine was 1980). Even though you experienced darkness that XYZ year… many people likely had their best year ever! 2020 may be a walk in the park compared to the year that you would label as the worst. 

Whether you experienced a mortifying year or a year of typically challenging roller coaster rides, I am going to encourage you to read the past blogs on the topic of celebrating your successes and finding the positive in the year that you just experienced.  I also highly encourage you to list all of the positive things that you experienced or made happen despite the challenges that you experienced.

Exercises that focus on gratitude always help us shift our energy and help us move beyond the heavy, anxiety filled, depressing state that we can get stuck in when we tend to stay focused on the hurt, anger, fear or any other negative expression of an experience. It also helps us learn from the challenge and quite possibly see the opportunity that is now available to us because of the chaos, restriction or door that just closed.

I hope that you will pull out a pen and paper and do the exercise of listing 10-20-50-100 things, experiences, feelings that you are grateful for, over the 2020 year, and choose to celebrate some way somehow!

Do you want help with shifting your energy ? Connect with me. I will gladly help you discover strategies to shift into a mindset that can help you thrive in 2021 and beyond.