Class descriptions and suggested props

display of therapeutic tune-up balls

Check out the TUNE-UP How to’s video

The TUNE UP class is a 30-minute session where we will use the Yoga Tune up® and Roll Model® methods along with my Integrative Embodiment Methods to help reduce body aches and pains as well as movement restrictions.

Props and therapeutic balls will be necessary for this class. You can purchase some Yoga Tune up® balls through me or through the Yoga Tune up® site

This class will incorporate 30 minutes of Mobility work and 30 minutes of Yoga. We will begin the class with preparing the body through predominantly mobility work and some self massage techniques. We will then use the movements that were introduced and practiced during the 1st part of the class to create a Yoga practice where we will focus on connecting our movement patterns to breath. Your body and mind will be ready for the flow so that you can enjoy a fully embodied experience.

Props will sometimes be used. If you have them great! If you do not have them you will still be able to get incredible value from the class as we will not focus the entire first part of the class rolling or massaging. The props will be used to enhance the experience when needed in small doses.

This class will incorporate various yoga and mobility style movement patterns to create a lovely yoga experience for either 30 or 60 minutes.  We will enjoy breath work, mindfulness as well as enhancing our mobility (the combination of flexibility, strength and movement).All levels of yoga experience or body capabilities are welcome in this lovely class. Modifications and some form coaching will be available as much as possible.

The Virtual MOBILITY is a 30-minute class to get you moving so that you remain mobile and pain free.  It is not a workout per say but you will certainly feel the positive results from the therapeutic exercise patterns and movements.  We will be using my Integrative Embodiment Methods as well as sound movement patterning styles from ELDOA, Yoga, therapeutic exercises, Yoga Tune up®, body weight fitness movements etc. Props may be required during this class. 

Absolutely fabulous class for beginners all the way to high performance athletes. Mobility is crucial for everyone! 

This 60-minute class is a practice that will combine a YANG or movement-based segment that has a form of FLOW and patterning to it followed my a gentle, restorative YIN and meditation segment. You can choose to enjoy the 60-minute practice or simply attend one part. The beauty of attending a virtual class is that you can jump in and out of the session without disturbing anyone!

Here are a few items that I tend to use during the TUNE-UP classes and sometimes recommend during the MOBILITY classes:

Yoga Blocks, Yoga mat (not an absolute necessity), Yoga Tune up® balls such as: Coregeous Ball or a soft inflatable playground ball (blue one in picture) $18.00, A pair of the Original size therapy balls (small purple in this picture) $19.00, A pair of Plus size therapy ball (medium size ball that is sky blue in photo) $22.00, An Alpha Ball. The larger dark blue ball $20.00, That cute poop emoji ball is REALLY handy and can be found at a dollar store. It is air filled squishy and grippy. A strap or belt of some sort, A rolling stick or pastry rolling pin (not in picture) 

Contact me to either purchase or borrow some of the items. I have some in stock and I can also get you the affiliate link that I have for the Yoga Tune up® items. You are welcome to use items that are similar in texture and sizes. 

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