The Power of intentions

Have you heard the story of the three bricklayers? It goes something like this:

Three bricklayers were working side by side when a passerby asked them what they were doing. The first bricklayer gruffly replied: ‘’I’m laying bricks.’’ The second bricklayer replied: ‘’I’m putting up a wall.’’ The third bricklayer, however, smiled proudly and responded: “I’m building the most beautiful cathedral in the world!’’

In your everyday life, are you building a cathedral or laying bricks? Are you finding joy in everyday moments?

How do you feel in those hours at work or in the activities required to generate an income, during the time you spend with significant others, while doing everyday chores, while taking care of yourself, or while doing absolutely nothing?

Most of us wake up, and then get quickly sucked up into the business of each day. However the difference in your day is INCREDIBLE when you start each day with one single, specific intention; basically, a single underlying goal/feeling/state of being that you want to exist in for the entire day.

Since our energy goes where our focus goes, I am going to encourage you to take a moment when you wake up in the morning. In that moment I want you to take a few deep breaths, put a smile on your face ( even if, or especially if, you had trouble sleeping and you are not feeling good) then set an intention for your day; How do you want to feel and exist during this day. What do you want to expand in your life during this specific day. Do you want to expand your energy, your health, the feeling of calm, joy, peace, bliss, confidence etc? Once you have your intention, check in every hour or so and bring it to the front of your mind, refocusing yourself on it when you find yourself getting off-track.

You’d be surprised at how setting a daily intention to existe in a certain feeling or emotion or state can make a difference when it comes to having a productive, enjoyable day. Setting the tone for the day will attract what you intend to happen. If you intend to be peaceful then you will have a much less chaotic day, or you will surf the chaos more gracefully. If you intend to feel energetic then you will feel that way without having to rely on caffeine. And so on!

It is true that success is an inside job and that a bad attitude creates bad vibes. It is really about small commitments done multiple times a day or consistently rather than huge, challenging overwhelming, discouraging painful methods. The small commitment here is to take a few moments to choose how you will exist throughout the day, starting with the moment you wake up.

It is way more fun to build the most beautiful you in the world than to just trudge through the day laying bricks.

How do you want to feel today?